Agriculture is the prime sector of our country. But our agriculture is under threat. No agriculture means no life. By 2050, the world population will cross 10 billion people. How will we meet the food demand as population is increasing and total arable land is decreasing? But there is no question that agriculture should be able to grow more food as example 2-3 times higher than now for us. We are also observing that farmers are trying to produce more food using excessive use of fertilizer and wasting more water through weak management in irrigation. To prevent emerging diseases, they are using insecticides and pesticides at a high level. We know these types of approaching are causing irreparable damages to our environment as such types of practices are unscientific and not an effective way of farm management. Now, it’s a time for us to think creatively and also need to act innovatively to make our agriculture a sustainable one.

Additionally, we are also experiencing that farmers are not getting enough guidelines and suggestions to enhance crop production. New diseases are attacking crops and consequently production is reducing. They have less access in getting climatic data but we know how crucial factor it is in cultivating crops. Like that, there are so many problems that farmers are experiencing in their day-to-day life.

Now, if we think about agricultural education in our country, students are also facing lots of problems which making their education ineffective and unattractive.

To give smart and innovative solution to those problems, Agri-Science Society(AgSS) was founded in December,2019. Now, as an organization, we are working relentlessly towards digitalization of our agriculture.

Let’s make a future of agriculture!