Agri-Science Society(AgSS)

is a non-government agricultural organization founded on December,2019 aiming to bring smart changes in agriculture sector by digitalizing it.The goal of AgSS is to transform traditional farming into smart farming. Now, AgSS working on crucial problems of agriculture sector of Bangladesh. These are - Traditional Farming, Food Insecurity, Lack of Quality of Agricultural Students and Farmers. The main services which AgSS trying to provide is - Smart Farming using Internet of Things (IoT) ,Smart Farming app, Agricultural Dictionary app, Farm management, Agricultural Magazine, Online Learning Platform for Agri-Students and Farmers. Besides, AgSS have been doing a lot of farmer consultation program, seminar, symposium and workshops on different agricultural topics, agriculture summit, farmer development programs, promotion of new invented farming technology and so on. We hope that one platform will enough to give solutions to any problems of farmers and agricultural students and now we are working hard to develop this platform.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help farmers by providing proper learnings, promoting agricultural technology and also connecting them with experts. We aim to facilitate agricultural education and research all over the world through our innovative program and project.


Our Vision

Dreaming a Bangladesh where no food insecurity will exist, technology will be used vastly in agriculture and farmers will lead a prosperous life.