10+ Workshops

Agri-Science Society (AgSS) has done 10+ workshops with farmers on various farming topics where 500+ farmers joined. About 60% farmers said that they are benefitted from those workshops and now doing well in farming.


1000+ Farmers Consulted

AgSS has consulted 1000+ farmers to date through online where we help them in identifying diseases and show them the way of treatment by giving suggestions.


15+ Webinar

Through, AgSS online program we have reached 100000+ farmers and agricultural students. According to their opinion, they are now much knowledgeable and aware about sustainable farming and environment.


5000+ Agricultural Students Learning Everyday

Through our Agricultural Dictionary App, we have facilitated the agricultural education of about 5000+ students till date and the number is increasing


100+ Farming Articles

Though our continuous feature writing on different farming themes, we have shared the farming knowledge with 50,000+ farmers and agricultural students who have reported that those features are really effective, well-researched and have increased their knowledge in many ways.


Do you want to make farmers smile?