Life at AgSS

We belong to an agricultural country, where we have seen to work together not alone from our childhood. We truly believe that we stand divided we fall. We work in a way that friends together do the group study. We maintain formal environment while working. But after work, we enjoy together, celebrate our achievements, and also do some cultural activities to enhance our productivity.

We all love the way AgSS works. In AgSS, no one is so called boss type. We respect all our executives, interns and volunteers regardless of race, gender, color or religion and give the same values to everyone’s opinions. We always appreciate one’s idea and also try to give constructive feedback on them. We all want to give something to our agriculture, want to fill our farmer’s life with happiness. All of us are very careful and serious about our assigned work. We don’t feel boredom during meeting because in meetings all of us have opportunities to give our opinion, to do something for our refreshment. The main strength of AgSS is its team. We do our stuff in such an environment where everyone holds shared vision, works on same goal to bring changes ensuring that everyone is in the same pace and getting enough opportunity to express himself or herself.

Everyone works here also learns a lot from each and everyone and can continue studies very well along with works. AgSS never hampers anyone’s study, personal lives. Moreover, we try to help individuals in their studies. Everyone is free of their own kingdom in AgSS but in an organized way.

Do you want to bring positive changes in our agriculture sector working in such an environment?

AgSS could be the perfect platform for you where you can contribute to agriculture and in the same time you can make progress by enhancing and acquiring new skills.