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Mad Cow Diseases- CJD

Disease is defined as any departure from the state of health. When animal body stops normal function, because of attack by many microorganism, virus, bacteria, the animal is known as diseased.

Types of Disease 1. Infecious disease 2. Non-infectious disease 3. Contagious disease

The most common livestock animal is cattle. People rear cattle and most people don’t know the consequences of bad management practices and the output. Disease are occurred for lack of management, lack of consciousness, lack of knowledge. They are affected by many disease. Among them, we will discuss a fatal disease of cattle. Mad Cow Disease is also known as Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease (CJD).

  • Short History– It was first identified in United Kingdom in 1986. A huge number of loss was occurred that time. 1986-2001, about 180000 cattle were affected and devastated farming communities
  • Symptoms · Abnormal behavior · Trouble walking · Weight loss · Inability to move.
  • Treatment- There is no treatment and vaccine for mad cow disease. That’s why it is most dangerous disease.
  • Related to human- This disease can be happened in human too. Though it is rare case but it is a fatal disease. It can spread from cattle to human if the man eat nerve tissue or spinal cord of affected cattle. Vision problem, slurred speech, change in personality, loss of memory are the symptoms of this disease in human.

Caution: As there is no medicine for this disease, the farmer must be careful about cattle management, feeding, housing etc. Nutritious feeds must be supplied. After seeing the symptoms the cattle should be taken to Veterinarian. If the cattle is affected then it would be spread to others.

Susmita Sarker Bristi

Student of Bangladesh Agricultural University

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