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The Benefits Of Using Modern Technology In Agriculture

It is possible to double the profit through cultivation using modern agricultural machinery. Everything from cultivating land, sowing seeds, weeding, fertilizing, cutting, threshing, threshing and sack packing can be done with modern agricultural machinery. This method also reduces crop wastage through cultivation. As a result, it is possible to get more crop yield at home than the traditional method of cultivation. This information has been known by talking with agricultural scientists of different levels. According to the research obtained from the Bangladesh Agricultural University, the traditional method of cutting, threshing, cleaning and sacking packets of paddy per acre of land costs tk 8,337. There it is possible to do all this work with a mini combine harvester machine at three thousand 942 rupees.

As seen in the other one, the cost of planting rice seedlings in one acre of land in the traditional way is six thousand rupees. However, planting rice seedlings on one acre of land with a rice transplanter costs only Rs 1,800. The additional cost here is four thousand four hundred rupees.

According to the Bangladesh Department of Agricultural Extension, a mini reaper can harvest 30-50 per cent paddy and 45-60 per cent land wheat per hour. It takes one person per acre to harvest with machine. And it takes eight workers to harvest in the traditional way. In this case the time saved is 6 percent. Wheat, maize, jute, paddy, pulses and oilseeds can be sown in 30-35 percent of the land per hour with the help of cedar machine. It takes 10-40 percent less seed to sow with modern machinery than conventional method. This increases the crop yield by 10-15 percent. It saves 50 percent of time and money. The time between the two crops is reduced to 8-10 days. With the help of a device called bed planter, the work of making beds, applying fertilizers and sowing seeds can be done at the same time. Cultivating crops in beds reduces the cost and time by 25 percent and in this case also saves labor. With the help of this machine, seeds can be sown in 25-26 percent of the land per hour.

There is no substitute for using modern machinery to save cost and time in agriculture and to make more profit. The most labor and time dependent work in agriculture is planting saplings, sowing seeds and harvesting crops. If these works can be done at the right time, the farmer will benefit. Bangladesh is now a role model of the world in agricultural development. On the eve of the 57th session of the Social Development Commission held at the United Nations on February 1, the Secretary-General’s report highlighted the issues of agricultural productivity in Bangladesh, achieving food self-sufficiency, and reducing extreme poverty.

Anil Roy

Student of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology at Bangladesh Agricultural University.

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